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The Jeremia is available in many variations and ideal for the intensive care of children with special needs. All Jeremia cots can be adjusted in height by an electric motor and provide 50cm of adjustment The cot is available in many combinations with the options of Trendelenburg, doors on both sides to allow full access on both bed sides and a wide range of bumper options.

Model No: JEREM

 Manufactured by:


Internal Dimensions 200x100cm Large 80x170cm Small
External Dimensions 202x102cm Large 202x88cm Small
Height Adjustment range 23-83cm
Safe Capacity 100kg
Maximum person weight 220kg
Bed weight 120kg
Hoist Clearance 15cm
Siderail height 37cm
Sizes Width 80-100 Length 170-200
Door heights Standard heights 68cm and 102cm. Specials on request
Braking Single brake castors 100mm castor available
Cable tension relief Handset disabling function
Hand control with single fault safety Special spiral mains cable
Anti-kink cable management bracket Water-resistant to IPX4
Mattresses Bumpers
Feed tube guides Lights