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Our Objective

Our aim is to be considered the leading supplier of products and services for people with reduced mobility and their carers in the United Kingdom.

We are committed to improving the quality of care and efficiency of products and services for users and carers.

We only supply products of a high quality and provide an exceptional level of after sales support.

We offer a comprehensive, professional assessment based on users needs. We have a facility for demonstrations and trials to ensure the correct product is purchased.

We operate using the unique Carebase Steps Approach to ensure all our customer receive the right approach.



Carebase was started in 1998 by people with years of experience in the Care sector and healthcare to develop a broad range of product and an extensive service network in the United Kingdom. Since then the company has expanded steadily and has supplied over 5,000 customers.

The Carebase product range covers integrated solutions around the bed, patient handling, hygiene, bathing and the overall care environment.

Carebase works with companies that have experience and a commitment to this sector. We have had long term joint ventures with companies like Herman Bock GmbH and Humancare A/S for many years.

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