Carebase’s product range is backed by a service that includes professional delivery and service, repair, maintenance and decontamination packages that are carried out by Carebase trained Service Engineers and personel.


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Carebase Servicing solutions provide you with a scheduled maintenance scheme to help ensure equipment is safe. The process can also help to reduce equipment failure by identifying potential problems before they arise. Our team will help you optimise your efficiency while assuring the safety of both patients and carers.

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Repair & Maintenance

Carebase are able to respond very promptly to repair equipment that is faulty or has been damaged. In addition with Carebase products being manufactured by suppliers committed to this field, we are able to guarantee parts availability and are able to deal with most issues on a “first fix” basis.

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Carebase can provide many our products on short or longer term rental packages. This provides flexibility
This can be an ideal solution where equipment may not be used in the long term or for holidays or short term stays.

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The decontamination process incorporates a one way flow from contaminated equipment entering the centre to clean equipment being returned to the client.

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