Adjustable height bed

Adjustable height profiling beds & accessories

Carebase has been supplying adjustable height profiling beds for the healthcare market for 15 years. We are renowned for the quality of the products and excellence after sales service. We are experts in customising product to meet the specific needs of client needs. The range of adjustable height profiling beds is manufactured by Hermann Bock GmbH, the leading producer of community height adjustable beds. We place great importance on Standards and all beds from the range meet the important 2013 Standard BS EN60601-2-52. Certificates of conformity are available.

Adiflex adjustable height bariatric bed


The Adiflex is a very economical bariatric bed. It has a height adjustment range of 20-80cm. It is suitable for heavier individuals, with a maximum weight of 220kg. It comes at a width of 120cm .

Adilec image


The Adilec range of bariatric beds offers options for customisation. It is available in different sizes and weight capacities. It has an specially strengthened lying surface and a dual motor system.

Ancona image


The Ancona is an exceptionally stable bed with options for customising the length and width and with different colourways. It can be fitted with central braking and has an attractive finish.

Adiflex bed

Ancona 80-20

The Ancona 80-20 is a very robust low bed with an exceptionally stable frame. It is suitable for clients who are heavier or who move in the bed a lot. It has a height adjustment range of 20-80cm.

Belluno image


The Belluno is a very popular height adjustable bed which is economically priced. It is highly customisable with different sizes and colours and can be specified with central braking.



The Combiflex offers a very high level of style and the option to customise the finish extensively with different designs. It is also a very stable bed and can be configured as a double bed.


The Domiflex is the most economical bed in the Bock range. Simple but effective it combines all the key functions  at a very affordable price. It can also come in a paediatric version.

Domiflex 80-20

Domiflex 80-20

The Domiflex 80-20 is an economical low bed that meets the Standard for height adjustment. Fitted with bumpers it makes an ideal children’s bed as well as being suitable for older clients.

Practico Ultra low

Practico Ultra Low

The Practico Ultra Low goes down to only 9.5cm and yet still raises to 80cm to provide a suitable caring height. It can be fitted with integral siderails and equipped for children as well.

Practico 25-80

Practico 25-80

The Practico 25-80 is a low bed that comes with an head and foot end allowing for customisation. Its a very stable bed and provides an ideal range of functions with many options.

Verona image


The Verona is a stylish bed with covered feet and central braking. It offers many options for customisation. Its attractive appearance makes it popular in care settings.



Carebase off an unrivalled range of bumpers and safety products that can be customised. These can help reduce the risks of entrapment and provide a safe environment.



Carebase supply a wide range of options for beds and accessories including mattresses, lifting poles, lights and other items. These complement the Bock range and provide additional functionality.