Pressure Care

Carebase offers an innovative and comprehensive range of Active and Static Support Solutions to address the vital requirement to prevent and treat pressure ulcers. Carebase has focused on developing solutions that are simple and intuitive to use with a portfolio of well designed, effective, reliable and economic products. We provide products for specialist groups including bariatric and paediatric patients and other customised solutions.
We also provide support, training and a comprehensive decontamination, repair and maintenance service as well as rental solutions for short term needs. The Halo range is designed with the Carebase objectives of improving the care environment by focusing on design, safety, support and training, which are the essential components of all our solutions.
Quasar Mattress


The Quasar dynamic replacement mattress provides an ideal solution as it provides a high level of protection while maintaining the correct height to the top siderail, removing the need for additional rails.

Nova Mattress


The Nova provides the entry level of the Carebase active system range. It is an economic, reliable alternating overlay mattress with a static function and a simple analogue control.

Tetra Mattress


The Tetra range is the most sophisticated full deep cell replacement mattress with increased functionality. This mattress provides the highest level of pressure ulcer care.

Samson mattress


The Carebase Bariatric mattress replacement system which comes in larger sizes. Designed for clients upto 40 stone, it meets the needs of bariatric patients at a reasonable price point.



The Matrix mattress is made of high density castellated foam and has excellent pressure relieving properties. It also means that the Matrix works well with profiling.

Multisoft mattress


The Multisoft mattress is designed with a dual layer of visco-elastic foam on standard foam base which allows the mattress to mould to the most comfortable shape.



The Microplot mattress has a firm edge and a Matrix internal area to provide a very high level of support at the edge to make entry and exit from the bed easier and to reduce any entrapment risk.

Matrix mattress


This product is specially designed to ensure dynamic mattresses can be put on beds where there is a risk of entrapment. It is available both with either a foam layer for overlays or a fabric base for full replacement mattresses.



This product is specially designed to ensure dynamic mattresses can be put safely on beds. It ensures that an overlay mattress is not resting directly on the bed frame.