Cots and Bumpers

Carebase supplies an unrivalled range of cots and paediatric beds that address the specific needs of individuals with complex needs or safety requirements. This product range is backed by a service that includes professional home assessments where the particular requirements can be worked out, extensive options for customisation and a delivery and service package that is carried out entirely by Carebase trained Service Engineers.

Jeremia cot


The Dino is an extremely flexible cot with a the lowest entry height of only 15.5cm, Trendelenberg and the possibility of adjusting side and door heights. It can also be fully bumpered.

Jeremia cot


The Jeremia is a versatile cot with the option of a low entry height, trendelenberg and a wide range of size and door heights. It can be fully bumpered and is a suitable cot where feed tubes are used.

Kangbo standard height cot

Kangbo 75

The Kangbo 75 is a metal frame cot with perspex windows that has a modern style. It is available in 2 different sizes and with 2 different door heights. It is easily assembled and stored.

Kangbo large

Kangbo 110

The Kangboflex 110 is a robust, stable high sided cot with a good height adjustment range. It has the benefits of modern styling and the options for full bumpering. It is available with doors one side.



The Lasse is a simple, small cost-effective cot that is easily assembled. Lightweight but stable, it offers an entry level cot with height adjustent at an attractive price point.

Laura cot


The Laura surround is a key part of our “hybrid” cot range. It can be specified to any size to make an existing bed into a safe environment. It can also be bumpered.

Lilly Cot


An attractive economic model that comes with sliding doors that allow access from each side and from the ends. It has good functionality and is available with different bumpers.

Leon cot


One of the Carebase economy models that can be supplied in different sizes and door heights to make an attractive but cost effective solution.

Lilly Cot


Like the Leon. the Lilly provides a very economical model but with sliding doors. It can be bumpered and is available with spindles or perspex windows.

Lisa cot


A very popular cot owing to its low entry point and full adjustment range. It is also very robust and stable and has a safety panel to help prevent entrapment.

Lukas cot


The Lukas is a very strong, secure cot designed for the more active children. Fully foldable doors mean the cot can be opened and locked halfway or opened completely

Cot bumpers


Carebase manufacture bumpers which allows us to creat custom solutions that suit individual taste and needs. We have a separate page showing some of the options

Cot accessories


From mattresses to dressing tables and with the host of options that can be specified for the cots, Carebase’s range is unparalleled. See the separate page for descriptions.


The Haven is a customisable safe environment that can be designed and built for any space and can be fixed or freestanding. It can also be fitted with other equipment for therapy, care or entertainment.