The cot with sliding doors

The Lilly is ideal cot for those children with fewer nursing requirements. This cot is designed to give as much freedom as possible to the child while ensuring maximum safety. The door on both bed sides can be opened quickly and easily.

Model No: 11010

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Internal Dimensions 200x100cm Large 80x160cm Small
External Dimensions 208x118cm Large 168x98cm Small
Height Adjustment range 64-90cm
Safe Capacity 135kg
Maximum person weight 100kg
Bed weight 170kg
Hoist Clearance 15cm
Door height 50cm
Cot height 139cm

Product Sheet

adobeProduct Sheet

adobeProduct Sheet

Finish Beech or blue panels
Lying Surface Wooden Slat
Electrical functionality Full height adjustment, manual or electric profiling
Doors Drop-down doors
Panel inner Wooden dowels or Spectar
Sizes Width 80-100 Length 160-200
– Other sizes on request
Braking Single brake castors
Cable tension relief Handset disabling function
Hand control with single fault safety Special spiral mains cable
Anti-kink cable management bracket Water-resistant to IPX4
Mattresses Soft bumpers
Treatment couch