Herkules 5100


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The Herkules Singel 5100 is a portable overhead lift with the same features as Human Care´s other Singel lifts but with a much higher weight capacity. One Singel 5100 Herkules can lift up to 300 kg and two fitted in a tandem pair can lift up to 455 kg.

The Singel 5100 Herkules has our features of constant speed lift, soft start-stop as well as 2, 3 or 4 point sling attachment together with it’s high weight capacity to offer the same safety and comfort for the higher weight user.

Model No: 51200

Manufactured by:

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Dimensions 450x325x175mm
Maximum Capacity 300kg
Battery 2x12V 3,2Ah
Battery charger Input 100-250 V, AC 50-60HzOutput 24V, 0,5A DC
Weight 10.2kg
Hanger bar Adjustable to three different widths,35,45 and 55cm (13.8”, 17.7” and 21.7”)
Lifting Speed Level 1: 1,8 m/min (70.8”/min)Level 2: 3,0 m/min (118.1”/min)(Only unloaded
Emergency lowering Electronic and mechanical
Remote control Class IP 65 (Charging through the remote control)
Type and class Type-B IPX4

Product Sheet

adobeProduct Sheet

adobeProduct Sheet

Water resistance IPX4
Testing ROHS-2 approved. Tested and approved according
to ISO 10535:2006 ETLapproved
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