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Moves easily between rooms Roomer 5200 is a portable overhead lift with the ability to move users easily between rooms or separate rail systems in a continuous motion. The move is made horizontally with a smooth and controlled motion, comfortable for the user and requires minimal effort from the carer.

The constant lifting speed regardless of the patient’s weight plus our soft-start-stop makes lifting a comfortable experience for the care-receiver. Easy handling and battery charging makes our Roomer 5200 portable lift very user-friendly in any location.

It has the advantage of being easily customisable in size and design.It can also be specified with extra functionality including central braking and mattress compensation

Model No: 5200

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Dimensions 500x370x192mm
Maximum Capacity 220kg
Battery 2x12V 3,2Ah
Battery charger Input 100-250 V, AC 50-60Hz
Output 24V, 0,5A DC
Weight 12.9kg
Hanger bar Adjustable to three different widths,
35,45 and 55cm (13.8”, 17.7” and 21.7”)
Emergency lowering Electronic and mechanical
Remote control Class IP 65 (Charging through the remote control)
Type and class Type-B IPX4

Product Sheet

adobeProduct Sheet

adobeProduct Sheet

Water resistance IPX4
Testing ROHS-2 approved. Tested
and approved according
to ISO 10535:2006 ETLapproved
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