We offer a broad range of lifting slings. All slings are anatomically designed, with the paramount consideration being the safety and comfort of the patient. Most of our slings can be attached to the lift using 2, 3 or 4 suspension points.

Critical to ensuring a safe patient transfer as the lift itself is the choice of the right sling for a patient. We have produced a guide to simplify the process of sling selection.


Jeremia cot

25005 Full Body Sling Net

The Full body sling net is a sling that provides a tilted sitting position and is made for patients who need a good support for the entire body.

The sling is made of polyester net, a fast drying material

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25010 Full Body Sling Plus

The full body sling plus provides a reclined sitting position. Together with the reinforced, tailored neck support, it gives optimum support throughout the transfer.

The full body sling is perfect for patients with reduced head mobility and reduced body stability.

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25060 Comfort Sling

The Comfort sling is a soft and smooth sling without handles and paddings. This sling has no separate leg support and is put on with the patient lying down.

The Comfort sling is a sit-on-sling which means it remain on while the user is seated.

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25065 Comfort Sling High

The Comfort Sling high is a soft and smooth sling, very comfortable for the patient. The comfort sling is put on with the patient lying down and can remain in the chair when seated. The sling give an equal weight distribution over a large area.

The Comfort Sling High has a shaped head support.

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Laura cot

25030 Sit Sling

The Sit slings suit most patients. With a reinforced, half-height back support, this sling allows for an upright seating position while still providing excellent support for the entire back.

The simplicity of this sling makes it one of our most popular models. blankspaceblankspaceblankspaceankspaceblankspaceblankspacepaceblankspaceblankspacekspacepaceblankspaceblankskspacepaceblankspaceblanksblankspaceblankspaceblankspaceankspaceblankspaceblankspacepaceblankspaceblankspacekspacepaceblankspaekspacepaceblankspaekspacepaceblankspa

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Lilly Cot

25035 Bath Sling

The Bath sling is specially suited for bathing and showering. The material is polyester net and the back is reinforced to give good, stable support. If neck support is needed, we recommend Net Sling High 25015.

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Leon cot

25080 Toileting Sling

Specially suited for toileting, the Toileting sling is easy to use and allows for dressing and undressing associated with lifts to and from the toilet. 

The reinforced back support and the padding under the arms provide comfortable support. blank space blank spaceblank space

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Lilly Cot

25090 Toileting Sling High

The Toileting sling is easy to use and allows for dressing and undressing associated with lifts to and from the toilet.

The height of the neck support can be adjusted, allowing it to work perfectly regardless of the height of the patient. blank spaceblank spaceblank space

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Lisa cot

25045 25050 Soft Sling/Net Sling

The Soft sling is a soft and smooth sling without handles and paddings which give the possibility to remain in the chair when sitting.

The net sling is made of a low-friction net suitable for narrow wheelchairs and specially-shaped seats, as well as for bathing and showering.

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Lukas cot


The Soft sling is a soft and smooth sling without handles and paddings which give the possibility to remain in the chair when sitting.

The Sling is available in a polyester material and a polyester net material(Net sling high). BlankspaceBlankspaceBlankspace

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Cot bumpers

25040 – Amputee Sling

The Amputee sling is designed for safe and secure lifting of patients with amputated legs.

The amputee sling can also be used as a security sling for patients who have the risk of sliding out of the sling, as well as patients with hip problems.

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Cot accessories

25105 Multisling

If gait training is needed the Multi sling is the perfect choice. The sling gives good support for walking and balancing exercises, going to the toilet or dressing/undressing.

When exercising with patients the Hip belt can be used in combination with the sling.

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