Duesseldorf (DE), Verl (DE), 13 November 2014 – At the Medica Trade Fair (12-15 November, Duesseldorf, Germany) Hermann Bock GmbH our bed manufacturer presented their new control and monitoring system for care beds. Smart Care Control™ enables, amongst other innovations, wireless remote control including a graphic user interface. Additionally sensors examine the position of the patient, measure the moisture level in the bed or monitor the quality of sleeping. The collected sensor data can be transferred wireless to standard care software by the system developed at Hermann Bock GmbH.

North-Rhine Westphalian (NRW) Health Minister Barbara Steffens was remarkably impressed at the Medica by the innovation from NRW: “We need to help patients in need of care to retain as much autonomy as possible. At the same time, we need to decrease the burden of nurses and family members. Smart care systems can help us to meet this challenge”, the minister highlighted.

“Our in-bed-monitor informs a carer and calls for a check in the event a patient leaves the bed at night. In combination with floor-level beds such as the practico 25-80 , the new technique represents an ideal solution compared to siderails and other restrictive measures”, underlines Klaus Bock, managing director of the Hermann Bock GmbH. “Smart Care Control provides more freedom and at the same time, more safety for the patients and care personnel.” The system was developed in cooperation with a leading international communication technology supplier and suitable for integration into all Bock care beds.

Intelligent bed control even for home-care application

Even for homecare Bock considers the wireless bed control by Smart Care Control™ as advantageous . “A graphic user interface and the possibility to store preferred lying positions increases comfort“, adds Co-managing director Dr. Stefan Kettelhoit: „Important positions such as Trendelenburg- or Anti-Trendelenburg position can be pre-programmed, in order to allow quick use of these for care personnel, if needed.“ In addition, the built-in maintenance interface allows to establish a safe IT tunnel connection between the bed user and the manufacturer. Thereby, the bed can be remotely monitored and checked – without the need for an onsite visit.

Monitoring systems for institutional/residential care

Sensor accessories offered by Hermann Bock GmbH represent one piece of the Smart Care Control™ system. Besides the in-bed-monitor presented at the Medica, a decubitus monitor and a moisture monitor for care beds are also possible. The data signals are wireless transferred to the available care software systems, which collects and processes the data.

In the long term the connection of sensors and a control unit will enable completely new ways of support in care. “It is the aim that our smart care beds will be able to react to the signals of nearly all sensors”, explains the Co-managing director Dr. Stefan Kettelhoit. “The bed shall learn to interpret correctly the movements of its user and to support, for example, the patient actively by intelligent control of the bed motors“.